What are we going to do tomorrow? Developed as a multimedia project with a podcast, a game and an event.

What are you going to do tomorrow?, we asked various people. What is your vision of the future? How would you like to work in future? How do you imagine the relationship between human and machine in future? But only applying this topic to the content aspect of the video was not enough for us. We also wanted to use it for the framework conditions. Whether we have succeeded, you can judge for yourself.

Human versus machine. Eight hours against 15 minutes.
This project deals with the current options of the machine as a video editor. Identical raw material lays the foundation for an experiment, the test subjects of which are the machine on one side (shown on the left) and a human being on the other side (shown on the right). Although the results are highly diverse in their final appearance, analogies and intersections can be seen. Contextual capturing of content is still a human skill - but for how long?

Team (concept)
Jasmin Fischbacher, Marie-Theres Kristokat, Julia Oberhauser, Clemens-Josef Prankl, Fabian Verschnig

Jasmin Fischbacher, Clemens-Josef Prankl

Editing and color grading
Clemens-Josef Prankl

404 - Human not found, Fabrik Klarenbrunnen, Bludenz, June 2019
Ars Electronica Festival, Linz, September 2019