Podcast. What are we going to do tomorrow?


Podcast. What are we going to do tomorrow?

What melts economically today and tomorrow affects psychologically the self-esteem of millions of people. Still you define your efficiency as a virtue more accurate than “efficiency” in the sense of an ambitious work ethic. But we are approaching times when there may not be a job for a great many people - at least not for whom someone pays wages in the form of money, puts Richard David Precht as a thesis.

Quotes like these made us ponder the future of work. How will we work and how do we like to work in future? Which working models are sustainable? How do we have to change as society, but also as individuals, to cope with this change? So we asked ourselves the question, what are we going to do tomorrow?

Our podcast treats especially that question. We tried to find confrontations with this topic in daily life. Where do we encounter the future of work? And with that we created the framework for our podcast. The content consists of three voices: Richard David Precht, Wolf Lotter and the company Dark Horse. One can look forward to an exciting contribution to the future of work.

Team (research, concept, audio recordings)
Jasmin Fischbacher, Marie-Theres Kristokat, Julia Oberhauser, Clemens-Josef Prankl, Fabian Verschnig

Project management and editing
Jasmin Fischbacher

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