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Error 404 – Human not found? – an exhibition and mini-symposium – creates a space for assessing burning questions surrounding technological and societal change. Following a speculative, sometimes humoristic approach students of InterMedia BA at FH Vorarlberg explore the futures we (do not) want. Creating future scenarios, their micro-projects outline dystopian and utopian visions of how the future relationship between human and technology in the named contexts will unfold. 

The exhibition represents an “affective Infrastructure“, where the audience can experience different aspects of societal transformation induced by technological change: The visitor becomes a “player” who can explore spaces of empathy/ intimacy, work/time & social cohesion/ disintegration in a game like transmedia setting. 

Lectures give an impulse for discussing how existing options and decision making processes affect how something we call “the future” will unfold.

All projects.

Stefan Hagen, Hagen Management
Markus Hanzer, Studiengangsleitung InterMedia, Fachochschule Vorarlberg

Fabrik Klarenbrunnen, Bludenz
Die Koje, Bludenz

Core Team
Leon Gau, Paulina Gottschalk, Jasmin Fischbacher (project management, location, communication, procedure), Clemens-Josef Prankl, Jelle Van Beuningen
Tutoring: Margarita Köhl, Roland Alton-Scheidl

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